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Most organizations invest in office shredders with the best intentions; the thought being that confidential business documents will be shredded quickly and not end up in wastebaskets. However, rarely does this provide a reliable, secure and timely method for the disposal of sensitive information. In reality, in an effort to save time, confidential documents either ultimately end up or in a trashcan or simply sit on a desktop “waiting” to be shred.

The consequences can be disastrous. Sensitive customer information can be compromised. Corporate trade secrets and internal memos may be leaked, while staff members and clients can become victims to identity theft. The breach of regulations put forth in legislation such as HIPAA, FACTA and GLB can result in heavy fines or in some instances imprisonment of corporate officers.

Outsourcing your business shredding needs provides you with a formal document destruction program that reduces your liability for the breach of confidential information. We offer our clients NAID AAA Certified mobile shredding and destruction services that provide a convenient and cost effective solution for the proper disposal of your paper records.

Your Local Shredding Company

Colorado Document Security services Western Colorado, Eastern Utah, Southern Wyoming, and Northern New Mexico and will customize our service to fit your needs utilizing these key points:

  • On-site document destruction by definition means; all material is shredded prior to leaving your premise. By monitoring our on board digital cameras you can witness the entire operation.
  • Secure locked containers, sized to match your needs, are provided at no charge.
  • All employees have security clearances obtained from independent investigation firms through extensive background verifications. They wear identifiable uniforms with pictured security badges.
  • Regularly scheduled monthly or weekly service designed to meet your needs.
  • One time jobs to purge old outdated records or quarterly or yearly clean outs.
  • Residential cleanout of years of personal tax, banking, credit and financial records.
  • No job too large or too small. We can help you stop paying costly monthly storage rent or help create more space in your hall closet.
  • Cleaner, Faster, and Cheaper than shredding in house – no dust and health issues and our shredders don’t over heat!
  • State of the art trucks that deliver the fastest mobile destruction and have the largest capacity in the area.

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