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Colorado Document Security is proud to makes its home and serve Grand Junction, CO with secure shredding services. For years we have provided document shredding solutions to businesses and residents supported by our exceptional customer service and cost-effective pricing.

Don’t Risk Your Information. Shred It Instead

Many document and file disposal in organizations depend on small office shredders, which can be unreliable, tedious and inefficient. This is risky because it can leave your employee with in-the-moment discretion as to whether a document should be shredded or merely discarded. But when time is an issue, or other things are more important, guess what often happens? Paper with important or confidential information gets thrown in the trash and not shredded.

Is Your Grand Junction Organization Compliant?

Data breaches are often the result of the lack of a compliant shredding and disposal program. And this can be costly in many ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Criminal and/or Civil Penalties
  • Lawsuits and Legal Battles
  • Exposure of Private Client or Patient Information
  • Theft of Trademark Secrets or Competitive Information
  • Loss of Client Confidence
  • Damaged Public Relations
  • Negative Media Coverage

Can you afford any one of these? 

With a regular paper shredding program from Colorado Document Security, your employees can easily discard sensitive documents in a safe and secure manner.

Colorado Document Security provides full-service, on-site paper shredding solutions committed to keeping the businesses and residents of Grand Junction, Colorado safe and compliant. We provide:

  • On-Site Document Destruction at Your Door
  • Assistance with Privacy Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Compliance Training
  • HIPAA Compliance Employee Training
  • Identity Theft Prevention Training

We offer services that assist our Grand Junction clients decrease the risk of data breaches, improve office productivity, and assure compliance with laws such as FACTA, HIPAA and GLB. Colorado Document Security’s document shredding solutions include:

  • On-Site Document Shredding
  • Scheduled Shredding
  • One-Time Purges
  • Community Shred Days
  • Residential Shredding

Grand Junction Shredding Company Keeps You Compliant

Federal and State laws define what must be done to comply with data privacy protections. These regulations  are getting more stringent as data breaches and identity theft are some of the fastest growing crimes in the United States.  Fines and other penalties are increasing and being more rigorously enforced when a breach occurs. Improper disposal of documents leaves you at risk. You can no longer afford to risk it.

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