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Downstream Data Coverage is professional liability insurance for data-related service providers and is only available to those who are NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) AAA Certified. It fills the niche left open by the many professional liability insurance products, which unfortunately don’t cover data-related claims such as the intentional acts of employees or violation of federal regulations.

We’re all familiar with data breaches and the fines and lawsuits that result. As a customer using a data-related service provider such as a shredding service, you have to be sure that your provider carries the right insurance coverage.

At Colorado Document Security, we insisted on professional liability insurance that would protect both our business and yours with coverage for data-related liabilities. While other insurance companies apply claim limits, even within additional endorsements, Downstream Data covers client data breach claims to the full extent of the policy and covers both our expense and yours in the event of a data-related liability. Keep in mind, the overwhelming majority of professional liability insurance policies do not even mention data breach coverage at all.

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