Great-Fast-Cheap Triangle

While building a business relationship with a new company, the owner said to me, “You have three options—great, fast, and cheap—and you only get two out of the three.”

There is a lot of truth in those simple words.

If you want fast and cheap, it will not be very great. If you want it great and cheap, it will not be fast. If you want it fast and great, it will not be cheap.

Well, we at Colorado Document Security have our own methods of doing things. First of all, we focus on operating our business to meet federal and state compliance laws. This knowledge gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they are using a company that is in compliance. This is the great part of the equation, however, it would be grammatically incorrect to say “doing things great.”

We are also very fast. Not only do we complete work in a quick and efficient manner, we can usually accommodate schedule changes that may arise. When a regular client calls and they have an unexpected destruction job that needs to be done as soon as we can, we will bend over backward to fulfill their needs and make it happen. Additionally, we have a fleet of modern, on-site shred trucks that can destroy two tons of your records within an hour.

That leaves cheap. We are not cheap.

The classic case of cheap is Takata Airbags. In the New York Times story published August 2016, “Cheaper Airbag and Takata’s Road to a Deadly Crisis,” the cheap price was the key to the death of 14 people and a major financial loss to GM and other automakers. As the Times reported, “…in the late 1990s, General Motors got an unexpected and enticing offer. A little-known Japanese supplier, Takata, had designed a much cheaper automotive airbag…” This saved GM 30% off the current provider they were using. Yes, the infamous cheaper option was chosen, and we saw how that worked out for everyone involved.

We are aware of the need to be competitive, but we are firm in our belief that being great and fast does not require being cheap. We never aim to be a low bidder, as it would reflect a belief that we are not worth the same value as other companies. It is hard to compare our company to others, as we only provide on-site shredding. On-site shredding is the core of our compliance program. There are too many horror stories in the news of documents being lost in transport to an off-site shredding warehouse, or documents being stolen from the warehouse.

As their professional compliance partner, many of our clients have heard of the “great-fast-cheap triangle.” Truth is, we refuse to do work that will not meet the standards of federal and state privacy laws. We simply are not in the business of performing shoddy work. We are not perfect, but we aim to please and do outstanding work. It is just that simple.

The moral of the story is, if you are looking for the lowest possible price, you will likely find other vendors willing to offer it. Let us just hope your documents arrive safe and are destroyed properly…

Colorado Document Security’s focus is on Risk Management. From Day One we have striven to offer to help our clients develop a “Court-Defensible Risk Mitigation Program” for confidential document destruction. Anyone can make a large piece of paper into small pieces of paper. Colorado Document Security’s focus is on Compliance. Shredding is our methodology, and Compliance is our intellectual property.

If, on the other hand, you want a company who is: driven by compliant data destruction, efficient, on schedule, and puts customer satisfaction first, give us a call. We may not be the lowest-price option, but we believe you will find our company, as well as all the people who make up our company, a great value.

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