COVID-19 Position Statement

March 27, 2020

COVID-19 Update: A Short Message to Our Clients…

As the impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak continues to change every day in our community, we want you to know we are constantly reviewing our processes. The State of Colorado is now in “stay at home” mode. Here’s what we want you to know:

  1. Among the government’s greatest concerns when defining Essential Services, is that businesses will relax legally-required information security. Secure data destruction is considered an “essential service,” so we at Colorado Document Security (CDS) remain open and ready to serve you with our secure, on-site mobile shredding services.
  2. By previously implementing and continuing to adhere to our COVID-19 Response Plan, we are doing everything necessary to protect the health of our employees and their families as well as the customers we continue to serve.
  3. The improper management and disposition of personal information constitutes a clear and present danger to our customers’ organizations and the welfare of the community. This is why we remain on the job.
  4. We are happy to accommodate and modify service to fit your organization’s current requirements or limitations.
  5. We have solutions to help you manage and protect the information of remote employees. Normally, CDS provides limited residential service. However, during this difficult time, we are offering residential service for your remote employees. Restrictions for this service include: For current customers only, curbside only, approved road access for our trucks to the dwelling, price: $20 per box with a $40 minimum.
  6. Please call our office number: 970-464-4859 to arrange custom service for your individual situation.

March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Response Plan

The health and safety of you and our team members is our top priority. The trust you put in us to securely destroy your sensitive documents is very important. With all of our collective concerns about the COVID-19 situation in our country, we at Colorado Document Security extend our personal wish that this finds you in good health and surrounded by family (as much as Social Distancing will allow).

To ensure maximum transparency and clarity of reassurances, CDS, Inc. is issuing a complete detailed communication regarding its interim policies and actions related to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on our clients and employees. We understand this is a very serious situation and are committed to comply with CDC guidelines as of the posting of this statement.  We will continue to monitor the current regulations and update this position as it evolves.

Regarding Interactions with Drop Off Service:

We have temporarily discontinued drop off service at our office. This will be reinstated as soon as we get the all clear from local, state and federal experts. CDS office employees are either working from home or on a limited basis at the office. The phones will continue to be answered on normal business hours or after hours using call forwarding.

Employee/Client Interactions:

CDS service will continue in some form with the implementation of explicit policies, instruction, and training to minimize the need for direct contact with clients, employees and others. We will adhere to the following polices:

  • Drivers have been instructed to use provided cleaning agents (spray or wipes) in the trucks, on commonly touched surfaces, on shred containers at offices and in the truck.
  • Not reporting for work should they feel any symptoms, including but not limited to fever, difficulty breathing, headache or muscle aches.
  • Declaring their fitness for duty each day upon arrival at work, which can include supervisor evaluation
  • Frequent washing of hands, and where available, use of hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves
  • Maintaining safe distance from client employees, minimizing or eliminating the need to exchange paperwork or writing utensils. We will continue to fill out a Certificate of Destruction, our driver will sign the name of the Client’s representative and leave the client’s copy on a desk surface or send a digital image of it to a predetermined devise. Please call the office to help arrange curbside service. 970-464-4859.

We will respect the policies of the client regarding entry to your location. The customer may bring the document either to the door or the truck for destruction.

Regarding Data Protection & Security

It is well known that times of high stress create multiple vulnerabilities. Telecommuting and reduced staffing have the potential to put data security at risk and increase the potential for fraud and targeted email phishing. We urge all clients and employees to diligently protect your regulated information. Strongly encourage employees to use a dedicated container in their home for the purpose of your business’ data. Putting documents in household trash containers has an extremely high risk for a data breach.

Clients should consider providing instructions and the means for remote employees to safeguard any information required to be retained, as well as the instructions and means for remote employees to properly destroy discarded information and media. As it is also expected, the rate of business may well slow during this time; it may offer an opportunity to remove unnecessary, obsolete records and electronic equipment from the storage areas. Such records and electronic equipment are known to pose a recognized risk to data security.

To facilitate the Home Worker, for our current clients, we have implemented a curbside service at residential locations.  Please call the office, 970-464-4859, to schedule a residential curbside service. The rate is $20 per box, $40 minimum.

A note from Jill Fasken, Owner, Colorado Document Security, Inc.

Your business over the years and those who are new to our service have been most appreciated by my family, our employees, their families and myself. Our goal is to continue to offer secure document destruction, possibly more important during this difficult time. Please be assured we are doing everything we can to assure the continued highest level of customer service, document security and safety of our clients and employees.  We won’t let our guard down. We will continue to monitor this situation and update our policies as this situation evolves.

I personally am sending you my heartfelt wishes for your health, your family, your employees and your friends. May this time be swift. Sending prayers your way.

Please call us with any questions or concerns.


Jill Fasken

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